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How to build a wooden lamp: tips and tools

Wood is a very creative material, which offers the possibility of creating countless furnishing solutions. Alternative and original ideas for every occasion can be created with wood. In this guide it is possible to build a wooden lamp.



  • Log of wood;
  • The lamp holder;
  • Electric wire;
  • Paint;
  • Sand paper;
  • Hard bristle;
  • brush;
  • Drill;
  • Brush.


The selection of the log must take place accurately. Parasites and woodworms could lurk inside making it unusable. Furthermore, the strain must be well seasoned before processing.

Flatten the base of the block in such a way that it is perfectly straight. Hence all the stability of the final work will depend on it. Take all the time necessary to do the job in the best way.

Brush the block well so as to eliminate any traces of dust and, if necessary, rub with rough sandpaper.

Mount a large bit on the drill and drill two holes: one at the top, perpendicular to the section of the trunk (where the bulb holder will be placed), and one side (hole to let the cable in). The two holes must be perpendicular to each other.

With a soft brush, paint the block. Once dry, pass a second coat of paint.

At the end of the work, pass the electric cable through the two holes, in order to subsequently apply the lamp holder.

With a little practice, imagination and good will it will be possible to transform wooden objects into something exceptional.


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