Reciprocating/sabre saw blades

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Made following state-of-the-art production processes, using sophisticated machines and high quality raw materials, these reciprocating/sabre saw blades have been designed to ensure excellent and durable performance on all materials.

Check usage for each blade

HCS (carbon steel). For cutting on soft wood or plastic.

BIM (bimetal with 8% cobalt). For excellent and durable performance on metals, wood with nails and plastic.

HW (carbide). Suitable for building materials such as fiber cement boards, brick and porous concrete.

The geometry is important.

Ground teeth, straight cutting line. For simple cuts on raw and construction wood, plywood and plastic.

Milled teeth, narrow cutting line. For simple and extreme cuts on soft/hard wood, aluminium, plastic, ferrous/non-ferrous metals.

Milled teeth, corrugated cutting line. For precise cuts on thin and thick metals, pipes, open and closed profiles.

[Warning: Reciprocating/sabre saw blades have multiple uses]


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