Blade sharpening service

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Tooltarget offers its customers a new online service: the professional HM blade sharpening service, band saw blades and any other tool in HM and polycrystalline diamond.

For special requests, send an email to

Professional blade sharpening service

We offer a service of sharpening blades and other tools for the processing of wood and derivatives.

The price for sharpening HM circular blades per tooth is € 0,20 (VAT incl.).
The minimum processing price is € 6.00 per blade: therefore, if less than 30 teeth are sharpened, the processing cost will still be € 6.00 (VAT incl.) for each blade.

(ATTENTION: the price refers only to HM blades (Widia), for HSS blades (steel) and other materials, request a quote.)


  1. Select the number of blades to sharpen and click “Continue”
  2. Enter for each blade the number of teeth to sharpen
  3. Once you have entered all the quantities you can put the service in the cart
  4. Proceed with the purchase and confirm the order

Send us your blades, marking the sharpening teeth on the blade, to the address:

Via Pantanelli 43/45
61025 Montelabbate (PU)

(or request a pick-up from us for 7€)

We will post them and send them back to the address indicated at the time of purchase.
The shipping costs in the cart are considered for the return of the material worked.


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