Alternative hacksaw and spare parts

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Made following state-of-the-art production processes and using sophisticated machines, these alternative hacksaw and their spare parts have been designed for precise cuts on soft and hard wood, plywood, OSB, laminates, plastic, HPL, metals, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, aluminium, fibreglass and stainless steel.

Blades for alternative hacksaw and spare parts

Blades for alternative hacksow are made of four different materials:

  • HCS (carbon steel). For cutting soft wood, wood fiber panels, soft plastic
  • BIM (bimetal). For cutting hard wood, hard and abrasive materials, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The special alloy of carbon steel (HCS) and super fast steel (HSS) is useful to meet the most diverse machining needs. Flexible material that prevents breakage and lasts longer than HCS and HSS. Excellent quality/price ratio
  • HSS (super fast steel). For cutting hard materials such as metals, aluminium and non-ferrous metals
  • HW (Carbide). For cutting materials such as fibrocement, plasterboard, GRP (fiberglass), Eternit, MDF



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