Wood cutters with reversible knives

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These types of reversible knives cutters are designed to ensure fast and safe attachment of knives. Used for finishing, milling, slotting, grooving and other panel operations (laminated, DTD and MDF) and hardwood, these cutters can be installed on electromilling machines and CNC machines. The knives can be replaced and quickly reversed to operate on different wood materials and its derivatives in a short time. These milling cutters represent an excellent investment for furniture manufacturers who need to mill continuously, saving time and money.

Long lasting wood cutters with reversible and interchangeable knives

Our CMT wood cutters for hobbyist and professional use with reversible and long-lasting interchangeable knives, are suitable for use on CNC machines, on milling tables and portable electromilling machines. The knives can be both carbide (widia) and diamond to ensure more processing over time.


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