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Types of wood used in the carpentry and construction

The types of wood used in the carpentry and construction sector are usually divided into two large blocks:

  1. Hardwoods, which are used to create high-quality buildings such as fine furniture and interior design. Among the types of hardwood the best known are: ash, beech, walnut, teak, oak, mahogany;
  2. Sweet woods, the most common and easiest to work. The most common are the fir, the pine and the larch. They are mainly used to construct furniture frames and load-bearing structures.

For DIY lovers, it is advisable to know the types of wood most used for this sector as it is easy to work with. In Italy the wood used most frequently both for their ease of processing and for their availability, are:

  1. Ash: It is used abundantly because it is robust but at the same time light and flexible. In the past it was used to make wagon wheels. Today, however, tools, musical instruments, propellers for airplanes are made. There is certainly no shortage of furniture entirely made of solid ash. It has a very light color, from ivory to pink with regular, thin, straight and tending to greenish fibers.
  2. Spruce: The color varies from almost white to brown – light yellow and has a natural sheen. The trend of the fibers is rectilinear and the fine consistency. It works easily, has good sealing properties of nails and screws, glues with satisfactory results, accepts paints and varnishes. Excellent for all carpentry and joinery works. To be avoided if the environment has an excess of heat or humidity as the wood can crack.
  3. Beech: this type of wood oscillates from blond to reddish. It is a very resistant, thought-provoking and easy-to-work wood, mainly used in the carpentry sector for the realization of furniture and furniture accessories. Unfortunately it tends to be attacked by worms and mushrooms if not treated properly.
  4. Oak: It is a variety of very hard wood with a light brown color tending to yellow with a straight and regular texture. It is an excellent fuel, is resistant to shocks, temperature variations and to animal and vegetable pests. In addition to the construction of bookcases, shelves and furniture in general, it is also used in the construction and construction of parquet.


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