Band saw blades

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Customized band saw blades, ideal for food and wood cutting.

Customized band saw blades

Our band saw blades will have different characteristics depending on the width, length and material you want to cut.

The band blades are available with a pitch of 6.35mm (4 TPI, teeth per inch) or 4.23mm (6 TPI, teeth per inch). (Pitch = distance between teeth)

Specify upon request, in the order notes or by contacting us, the TPI/Specific Step (if necessary), otherwise it will be chosen based on availability.

We recommend a maximum length of 3000mm. (maximum 3 meters)

The final price of the band saw blade for wood has an increase of a fixed cost of € 6.10 (VAT included) due to welding.
The welding cost will be shown in the shopping cart.


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