NEW professional CMT table for electro-cutter

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999.110.00- Tavolo professionale 999.110.00
394,99 VAT included
(395 pt)
999.110.03_ Piastra in PVC (neutra) 306x229x8 con anelli di riduzione D=32-66 cod. 999.110.03
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(50 pt)
999.110.33_ Piastra in PVC (preforata per CMT7E) 306x229x8 con anelli di riduzione D=32-66 cod. 999.110.33
49,99 VAT included
(50 pt)
999.110.34_ Piastra in PVC (preforata per CMT8E) 306x229x8 con anelli di riduzione D=32-66 cod. 999.110.34
49,99 VAT included
(50 pt)
CMT7E+PRO- Tavolo professionale 999.110.00 + CMT7E + Comando di sicurezza 999.100.11
694,99 VAT included
(695 pt)


Our quality bits have been designed for you, the professional craftsman, to allow you to confidently work at your best.

CMT now offers even more possibilities with our professional router table: the perfect place to combine your skills and CMT quality.

The professional router table system has a strong and sturdy MDF laminate work surface measuring 68x50x2,5cm for easy mobility when working. This free standing table sits at a comfortable height of 85cm on solid high gauge steel legs and weighs 25 kg.

The universal plate are adaptable to all brands and models of routers on the market and provide shank holder options to select any bit up to 90mm in diameter.


Choose any of our wide range of CMT bits including multi profile and molding bits or even kitchen set bits and work easily and safely on this table!

Router table dimensions:

  • 80x60x(H)90cm
  • Kg. 26,5 weight

Router machine not included.

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