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Alternative Hacksaw: Maximum precision in wood cutting

Wood is a natural material that is easy and simple to work with. It’s advisable that you have the right tools to work it.

The precision in cutting wood depends on both the skill of those who make the cut and the quality of the tools used. In this case, the appropriate tool is the saw.

There are different types of saws, by hand or motor. Among the engine-powered saws, the alternative hacksaw is particularly suitable if you have to make curved and shaped cuts.

The name comes from the movement that blade does. The alternating movement, (up and down) faithfully reproduce the movement of the manual saws.
It’s the most used tool by DIY lovers, for its ease and versatility.

How to use the alternative hacksaw?

The alternative hacksaw is an easy-to-understand power tool. It does not require a lot of strength, but it is still advisable to hold it with both hands in order to have a stable and precise grip. During the act of cutting it is advisable to lean with the torso on the machine so as to have the view of both the saw blade and the guideline (previously drawn with a pencil to have a visual support at the time of cutting).
The last centimeter of the wood must be cut at a reduced speed compared to the rest of the cut, so as to avoid chipping the wood due to the high speed of the blade.
Before removing the saw it is advisable to wait until the blade is completely still.

How to choose the right blades?

There are different types of blades. To accurately choose the appropriate blade for the work to do, you need to calculate the number of teeth, the hardness of the material and the thickness of the panel / slab to be cut.
The big teeth blade (made of steel or carbon) should be used if the wood used is soft. If the wood is hard, the use of thin teeth is more indicated.

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